Landscaping Overview


Residential Landscaping

There are three important variables when designing a landscape in Michigan.
The soil in this area is usually clay, sand, gravel or a combination of these. Most homes have basements and the excavated soil of that basement is immediately around the perimeter of the house. This soil needs to be amended by adding topsoil and peat moss so the new plant material can grow properly. When I design the landscape I always include the suggestion of a drip irrigation system for the plant material. The plan is to properly water the plants to get those plants adapted to their new environment.

The function of the landscape is in reference to what are you going to do with your yard? A big garden? A backyard patio for a barbecue with friends? How about privacy? Do you want a butterfly garden? Do you like formal hedges or a more natural colorful and seasonal yard? How about a water feature or a fire pit? We can accommodate your every wish and desire.

Everyone has their own personality and it is my intent to design a landscape for you that reflects that. My designs abound with fragrance, scenery, and surroundings that make you feel comfortable and want to come home to relax.

Enjoy these examples of landscapes we have installed. I have chosen a wide variety of properties so that you may see one that you can relate to. Simply click on the words Residential Landscapes in the side bar and you will be taken to the correct page. Call me direct and I will meet with you personally to discuss your thoughts.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has really come a long way in the past couple of years. While we still offer traditional Halogen lighting, we are typically recommending clients consider state of the art LED lighting systems, for several reasons:

LED lights do not use much electricity, which in turn helps reduce cost on your monthly electric bill.

LED light bulbs last substantially longer than Halogen bulbs by a ratio of 4 to 1

LED bulbs are not hot, so there is no risk of fire if the in ground fixture becomes incidentally covered by leaves or mulch.

LED systems do not typically require a large transformer so there is a big savings with the initial installation cost compared to Halogen lights.

All of our fixtures accept either Halogen or LED bulbs so if you have an existing system with Halogen and want to enjoy the benefits of the LED system, its simply a matter of rewiring the transformer and adapting the existing fixtures.
We offer solid brass pathway posts, powder coat black aluminum and bright copper. I would be happy to show you our catalog of choices in your home. Call me direct at 248.866.4887

What is Estate Gardening?

Estate Gardening with Landscape Magic begins with a walk thru evaluation of your property. I advise clients to view their estate as a small company. Beside the investment, there is budget, staff, suppliers and vendors and its need for constant care. Nothing is produced or sold, however there are problems that need to be overcome and time consuming issues that need to be managed. I am the right manager and I structure the care of your property so that you will be able to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere for your family and guests.

I offer a free written analysis of your property. Once discussed, my recommendations are implemented to your timetable preference:

I look at your planting beds near the home. Are they neat, trimmed, weed free, attractive and in good health? I look at design intent. Are the plants in the right location? I check the soil, what type is it? Is it holding water or is it needing moisture? I look to see if there are drainage problems. Are shrubs blocking window views? Are trees growing too close to the home, either near the foundation or adjacent to a sidewalk?
I look at your walkways. Are they too narrow, cracked or designed poorly? I check your porch, your patios and your decks. I look over the driveway, sidewalks and drains.
I look at your lawn. Is it thick and healthy? Or is it thin in spots, have some weeds or have a disease? Are your beds edged? Is your sprinkler system operating properly? Do you have too much shade, too much sun?
I look at your trees. Have they been pruned properly? Are some trees too close together? Are roots on the surface preventing grass from growing? Maybe we need to remove a tree or add a few for screening.
I look at your shrubs. Are they spaced properly? Are they overgrown? I know how and when to prune them properly.

The difference between my company and others is that I am combining my personal experience and attention to detail with the heavy equipment and tools that we own to provide you with a full service, licensed and insured professional Estate Gardener. Call me direct today and I will be happy to meet with you personally.

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