Stone Creations Overview


Steps - What are my choices?

For today's landscapes, the client has a large variety of material choices. We construct steps with natural stone, formed concrete, timbers, or stamped concrete.
The choice is dependent upon personal preference, location and function. We can build steps on any slope, in any type of soil. The major considerations would be accessibility and steepness of the slope. We have installed over 4000 steps in our 25 years of business.
In the recent past clients have gone more often towards natural stone steps due to their low maintenance and large selection. Stone steps are available in random or guillotined cut form. They are offered in various earthy colors such as light gray, dark brown and tan. The steps are available in many sizes, ranging from  three to eight feet wide. Typically, steps are 6-8" thick.
If you are interested in having new steps constructed by us, browse through our section on Steps, then make an appointment by calling me direct on my cell phone at 248-866-4887. I would be happy to meet with you.
Steps - What are my choices?
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