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Driveway Boulder Wall in Waterford Michigan

This Boulder Wall and Limestone Steps project in Waterford Michigan, replaced a rotting railroad tie wall. These boulders are mostly 3′ in size but taper to 2′ on the upper course. As usual we have 6″ of 6a round stone for drainage behind the wall, top to bottom. Between the drainage stone and the boulders we install a geotextile fabric that prevents the soil and stone from coming through the wall from behind. We try very hard to place the boulders together as tightly as possible, but we are working with natural stone. We typically add small stone to fill any voids in front giving the wall a neat, finished appearance. On all walls we have crushed stone 8-12″ below the first course of the wall to establish a strong base. The boulders are set on an offset batter as we go up creating a strong gravity based engineered wall. The 4-5′ wide Limestone Steps were placed in the middle of the wall to add a different look from what our customer had before. This wall and step system took three days to complete.

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