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Milford Waterfall and Stream in Front Yard

We built this waterfall this past Fall. The stream comes back towards the house giving our client a great view from inside his office. The stream is 20’ long and 2-3’ wide typical. The pond is actually 30” deep but with the way it’s designed, it appears quite shallow. This is a great safety feature because if the client travels he doesn’t have to worry about the pond as we keep it 3” deep. The client could choose to have no water above the stone, thus the term, “pond less “.
This pump is moving 60 gallons per minute over these beautiful bluestone spill ways. As is normal in my designs I keep the origin concealed so that the water appears to be coming from a natural spring. We used various sized stone and boulders along the streams edges to naturalize the setting and fit in with the rest of the landscape.
I will update these pictures in the Spring when everything we planted leafs out or is in flower.

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