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Milford Waterfalls and Pond

This waterfall is 85 feet long on a natural slope. The focus of this job was to project the waterfalls towards the house, patio and deck systems. This is a large lot so we needed to make sure different drops were seen from various points in the yard. The pump system for this waterfall is moving 160 gallons per minute over various drops all the way down to the pond. Additionally we have a UV light system that is cleaning the water. The water is being pumped up through a 3 inch singular flexible PVC pipe. The origin is concealed at the top of the hill to make it appear as natural as possible. We use various size stones to make the waterfalls appear as natural as possible. Our goal is for everyone who comes into the backyard to see the waterfall, to say wow how lucky you are to have a natural waterfall! Additionally, we landscaped all around this water feature with mass plantings of various shrubbery and perennials that are deer tolerant because although we like the deer we don’t want them to eat everything we just planted. At night this feature is fully illuminated with LED lighting.

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