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Northville, Michigan Pondless Waterfalls

Using chocolate limestone ledge rock we built this dual streamed waterfall to showcase a beautiful backyard renovation. Over 125 gallons flows over each large spill stone cascading into the pondless basin below. Becoming more desirable these days, pondless water features offer many advantages over waterfalls with ponds. Most notably is safety and the need to not keep the pond water algae free. This waterfall is on a timer and is off when the clients are not home. Another great feature about a pondless waterfall.

The first thing we had to do on this project was build the retaining wall. But the trick in this type of feature is that the liner must be behind the retaining wall as well as enveloping the pond resevoir. This is done to ensure that any water that may flow sideways at any time in this waterfall’s future will be captured by the liner and not become a leak. This is difficult because heavy equipment is used to set the heavy Limestone as well as to dig the pond and if we are not careful the liner may tear. Consequently we put heavy duty geotextile fabric on top of the liner to protect it.

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