How do we build our waterfeatures?

After an initial consultation with the client to determine just exactly what she is looking for, I often put together a landscape design which includes the requested water feature. Once we determine where the best "show" will be and the scope of the project we begin by excavating the pond. In the Tri-county area ordinance codes prohibit backyard ponds from being any deeper than 24". If the client requests the pond to be deeper than 24" I must explain the ordinance
and remind that by law their pond would be considered a pool and be required to be fenced."Note: this does not apply to
natural ponds"

Once the pond is excavated we put down a geotextile protective barrier. Then we install a .45mil EPDM fish safe liner. We install a mechanical skimmer and biological filter system.

We use various sized stone to completely cover the liner in the pond. We use the largest stone we can handle, while covering the liner 100%. Our goal is to make your water feature as naturally looking as possible. We use long lasting, top of the line, powerful submersible pumps. We use heavy duty flexible PVC piping. We bring in 2-3' boulders,
granite rockery, cobblestone, flagstone, stone slabs, 12-18" boulders and pond gravel. We attach automatic water filling systems to reduce maintenance as well as overflow fittings for those heavy rain events. We conceal all components so that to the casual observer this
water feature has always been there.

If you are interested in a private consultation to consider a water feature on your property please call our office and set up an appointment.

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Pondless waterfalls in Oakland Livingston and Washtenaw Counties

Pondless waterfalls are the newest thing to hit the watergardening industry. What exactly is a pondless waterfall? Most waterfalls
cascade into some type of body of water like a lake or a natural pond or a pond that we have created. When you look at a regular ponded waterfeature you typically see a body of water, fish and defined depths in the pond. With a pondless waterfeature we eliminate the water in the pond, visually. What we do basically is fill the basin with stone. So in effect you can actually walk on your pond! There are many advantages to a pondless waterfall:

• Very low maintenance
• Safe for small children unattended
• Doesn't require as much space
• Perfect for a front walkway welcome
• Can be built anywhere, even inside
• Great for heavily treed locations
• Ideal for bog gardens
• Can be part of a regular ponded waterfeature,so you can
have the best of both worlds
• The algae issue is significantly reduced and no pond additives
are needed
• An awesome gift idea

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